Deda Aerobars

Cycle racing, triathlon and TT aerobars from Deda

Deda Aerobars

Deda Aerobars
These Deda handlebars show Italian design at its best. Firstly there is the Aeroblack America Carbon TT Bar, which is a flat bar with new engineering for aerodynamic performance in time trials. Reverse brake levers can be used and the weight comes in at 187g.

The Deda Elementi AeroBlack Carbon is a time trial handlebar, supplied to professional riders of teams equipped with Deda handlebars. It uses a full carbon fibre integrated armrest with plenty of adjustability. Any 31.7 stem can be used with the Deda Aeroblack and it can be adjusted to a wide range of lengths and angles, so is ideal for serious competition, including in triathlon.
It has widths of 40, 42, 44, 46cm at a weight of 310 grams.

The Deda Elementi Clip On Tri Bars are great if you often switch between aero and road setup as they allow very fast assembly while having fully adjustable length and angle. They fit 26.0 or 31.7 mm bar diameters and have a weight of 407 grams.

In clip-on bars, there is also the latest Deda Fastblack 2 available which is designed to allow an advanced aero position and ergonomic hand grip for fast racing. It comes with an adjustable armrest at a weight of 340g and fits a 31.7mm bar out of the box, with facility for 26mm bars as well. Also use with bar-end shifters.

If you just need a straightforward time trial alloy handlebar then try the Crononero, available in 3 versions - horizontal bar ends, J-shaped ends or J-shaped with a slight drop.

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