Integrated and one piece aerobars for TT and Triathlons

Some guidelines when choosing integrated bars

Here we cover some of the issues to look at when buying these bars. Its also wise to consider general information about buying aerobars as well, because one piece integrated bars can cost a considerable amount of money and the wrong decision could prove costly and disappointing from a performance point of view.
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For competitive, really serious TT or Triathons

The first thing to say about integrated aerobars are that they are definitely not the very first type you should buy. They are really bars for when you've reached a highly competitive level in whatever cycling events you take part in and also for when you have got some experience of how to use aerobars to best effect and how to adjust them in conjunction with your bike for best effect.

Benefits of one piece aerobars

The effectiveness of these in performance is a result of the optimisation of each part of the bar for its purpose and there are some views amongst designers and competitors that this can only be achieved fully by the integrated approach.

That means that the profile of the aerobar can be designed to achieve the best aerodynamic performance at the lightest possible weight and with the highest strength. This includes the design of brake levers, shifters, cables and everything else that could contribute to wind drag.

As a result, these bars don't have lots of adjustable parts, because that would involve extra clamps, bolts etc. which would interfere with the design.

Many riders who want this type of bar will have a bike fitted to suit the bars, rather than the other way around. This will mean that they get the best fit, despite the bar not being particularly adaptable.

Popular one piece aerobars

When it comes to these types of bars there is as you might expect a limited number to choose from, some of the best known being: 3T Ventus LTD.. Cinelli BAT.. Oval A900.. Profile Airwing.. Profile Carbon X.. Vision Trimax.. Zipp Vuka