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Oval Aerobars

Guide to the aerobars available from Oval for triathlon and cycle racing

Oval Aerobars

Oval Aerobars
Oval are one of the best known aerobar producers with the A700 alloy, the A900 and the A901 Aero bar give hundreds of adjustment combinations.

Firstly the A901 Laminar Aero Carbon Complete Bar includes the base bar, a new forged A901 clamp system, A700 alloy S-bend extensions, A700 alloy arm rests, A900 5mm arm rest pads and A900 alloy integrated brake levers. Adjustments include the pad width, angle, height and depth, extension fore to aft, width, angle and rotation. Theres a 26.0mm bar clamp diameter, 420mm width (C-C) with a total weight of 795 grams.

With the Oval A900 Aero Bars, you get something that the fastest trialists and tri-athletes are riding as a result of years of research in positioning. This features a thin aero tube to minimise drag from all angles. There's a huge amount of adjustability allowing the right stem, pad position & extension to maximise power output and minimize drag. Its available with double bend or 'S' extensions at a width of 420mm with 10mm drop, 22.2mm grip, 26.0mm bar diameter, computer mount and 150mm extension adjustment.

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