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Guide to aero bars from Zipp for triathlon, TT and cycle racing

Zipp Vuka Aerobar

Zipp Vuka Aerobar
Here are the ZIPP Aerobars and extensions, which result from all sorts of material and processing technologies used by Zipp in aluminium and carbon.

The Vuka Clip is designed to function with chicane, straight or ski tip extensions, which may be cut up to 90mm to give an overall length adjustment of nearly 120 mm! The foam pads are replaceable and supported directly over or 12.5mm behind the basebar and may be rotated to give 42 possible positional combinations for maximum rider comfort and fit. The aluminum body and compression sleeve are shot peened for stress relief and to add strength.

All parts are anodised and corrosion proof coated to help stop sweat corrosion. The Vuka Clip is sized for 31.8mm bars (26.0 with an included anodized machined spacer) and integrates perfectly with the Zipp SLC2 drop bar.

There's also the Zipp Vuka Bull Bar, which is a base bar that's light, strong, and aero as possible. It weighs just 195 grams but has also passed EFBe's toughest fatigue test with 30% more torque than is typically applied. The shape is unusual and the bar can be rotated as much as 5 degrees up or down while maintaining aerodynamics. Size: 42mm at 195g with clamp 31.8mm.

If you want a highly adjustable integrated aero bar then the the Zipp Vuka Aero Bar is it. A cutting edge integrated bar design especially in terms of fitting to the rider. The base bar section can be rotated +/- 2.5 degrees with almost no change to the front area. Extensions are held in place hidden under a sleeve to maintain aero and the bar has passed the EFB fatigue test and is extremely strong for when you are really pulling on the grips. Brake levers are all carbon. Total weight is 860g.

Armrests in carbon fibre have 3 width options and the pads are covered in anti-bacterial Lycra for superior comfort and high durability. There are 4 axis of adjustment to the extensions which are available in chicane with straight, ski-tip, or Vuka Shift options available. Size is 42mm, clamp is 31.8mm.

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Improving performance with aero wheels

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